So…watching TV

So today I was watching Gilmore Girls and there are a few things I have realised:

  • There is no way anyone is that quick at talking without rehearsal…and if there is I need to meet this person!
  • Coffee is indeed God!
  • No one ever finishes a drink. There’s a big deal of pouring out said coffee or offering juice, and yet no one actually finishes a cup. It’s always put down and everyone flies off like they’ve already drank WAY too much caffeine! Maybe that’s the reason?
  • Solid parenting advice…
  • How does Luke make a living?! He never gets paid. Everyone comes in and eats but then some emergency comes up and they leave without paying…or eating. Dude needs to get PAID!
  • Rory’s dad…as much as he’s all smooth talking and all it’s a bit of an odd thing that he’s forgiven so easily by everyone for not being around for the whole of Rory’s sixteen years! I mean the man rarely bothered to call and yet the grandparents are all like “oh isn’t he lovely and perfect!” Ummm, guys he’s okay not brilliant.
  • Amazing ability to crash land back to reality with a little help from your family…
  • Decent taste in music!
  • Cleaning and cooking is seemingly no one’s strong point in this whole entire show. The grandparents have maids, Rory and Lorelai never clean up and everyone else seems to live in mess. I really think I belong there.
  • How does a girl like Rory, who basically is a book worm, gets so many boys running after her? I think she’s funny but still….
  • Friendships are a little inconsistent in this town of weirdness. Like Paris?! What’s with that neurotic creature of doom? Not to mention the fizzling out of an old friendship which has been going on since childhood into practically nothing by the end. Rory was practically glued to Lane since the beginning but by the end there’s a heartfelt goodbye which seemed a little pointless. Didn’t they kinda stop hanging out long before then? I find that a little sad to be honest.
  • Excellent moral code…kind of…

So that’s a view point on this but otherwise entertaining to watch (or listen to) while cooking.

The only thing I can’t watch is Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life. I just can’t get on board with this. It doesn’t have the same flow. I gave it a fair watch, got through three episodes before I had to throw in the towel and say “no more! I beg of you! Make the torture stop!” before Netflix heard my cries and asked me if I was still watching. Thank you Netflix for hearing me.

Anyway….stay tuned!

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