Start of my rambling…

So, this is me for now…

So the there’s a lot that goes on inside my head and I have the same issue a lot of people have. Over analysing and constant sighing. This is an unsatisfying life to lead. I am sure you can relate? If you can’t then this really isn’t for you.

So where do I start? Well…I am a single 30 year old woman, (don’t worry this won’t be another Bridget Jones…seriously, when will those end already?) and I have had an eventful 2018. It’s been a medley of losses and people turning around and saying:

“I’m sorry do I know you?”

Yes. You have known me for FIVE FREAKING YEARS! We sang Queen together! No one forgets their Queen sing along sessions. It’s a sacred moment!

I spend a lot of my time planning what I’ll do with my life but I suffer from the “I’ll do that later” sickness. It’s a pain which is messing with my life and yet…I do nothing about it. I used to be this confident lively person who would be so smug and, yes, admittedly a little haughty. Like an all knowing owl who sits above everyone else and judges them from a great height. But now is the time to face reality. I’m an overweight bird who stares at people from a tree. (I don’t mean literally because A – that’s creepy and B – I can’t climb trees due to major clumsiness.)

So this is going to be my thoughts, my views, my opinions and (hopefully) tackling of my enemy…which would, of course, be myself.

Wish me luck! I’m not kidding, I really need it if I’m going to be facing lazy, anti-social me. She is such a drag!

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